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10 Best Bookkeeping Services Near Minneapolis

10 Best Bookkeeping Services Near Minneapolis

We pulled together the best bookkeeping services & bookkeeping firms in Minneapolis.

If you're a small business in Minneapolis, or you're looking to work with a local Minneapolis bookkeeping company, then we'd love to have you read our roundup or bookkeepers, but we'd also love to have you reach out.

There's some great places to see the best bookkeeping services near Minneapolis.  You can see Yelp's list of Minneapolis Bookkeepers, Clutch has another Minneapolis Bookkeeping list, and you can always look over the Minneapolis Bookkeepers in Upwork.

IF you need a bookkeeping in or around Minneapolis, then you're in luck.

We wrote this to introduce ourselves to people searching for the best bookkeepers near Minneapolis.

We are Passageway Financial, and we're a CPA, Accounting & Bookkeeping firm that focuses on serving as an outsourced accountant for small business.

We'll handle all the bookkeeper, we provide CFO level guidance to help you scale your business, we'll provide aggressive tax reduction planning and then file your business tax returns.

Don't Settle for Just a Minneapolis Bookkeeper.

We would love to connect with you and see if we can help you lower taxes, establish pristine bookkeeping and build a more scalable business.

Now, let's get on to the list of the best bookkeeping companies and bookkeepers in Minneapolis

Top 10 Minneapolis Bookkeeping Companies

#1 Bookkeeping Company in Minneapolis - Passageway Financial

Our first Minneapolis Bookkeeping business is Passageway Financial - ourselves!

We're a family owned Accounting firm that's exclusively focused on serving business owners & their families.

Bookkeeping services are the foundation of everything we do.

We'll help your business focus on what it does best, while ensuring your financials are always up to date, and done to perfection.

You won't have to worry about audits or overpaid taxes, because you'll get CPA level services and we'll proactively work to reduce your business taxes.

While it may seem like we're tooting our own horn, we've purposefully designed our accounting firm in Minneapolis, St. Paul to cater to the needs of small businesses.

Our aim is to help you maintain a streamlined organization, eliminating the need to recruit additional accounting and administrative personnel, all while providing genuine value through tax reduction planning and bookkeeping.

Situated just north of Minneapolis, we have a deep-seated passion for supporting small businesses.

We find particular joy in serving as a CPA for landscaping contractors, web design and digital agencies or freelancers, and general contractors.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services that includes bookkeeping, tax returns, tax reduction planning, and CFO guidance.

Our mission is to help you refine your operations and grow a scalable business.

We believe in setting the right foundation for your accounting needs.

To achieve this, we tidy up your books, set up a flawless chart of accounts from the get-go, and manage your bookkeeping on a weekly basis.

With Passageway Financial, overpaying taxes is a thing of the past.

As your acting CFO, we're here to help your business scale.

We handle extensive year-end accounting and reporting, enabling you to structure your business and enhance its growth.

#2 Bookkeeping Company in Minneapolis - Perpetual Resources Inc.

Our second Minneapolis bookkeeping company is Perpetual Resources

Perpetual Resources, Inc. has been providing business consulting, income tax and accounting services since 1994.

Their approach is to partner with you to help your business to become more effective by making the accounting process more efficient so that you have the information that you need to make business decisions and help you to trim expenses where ever possible.

Perpetual Resources work with you to determine all tax deductions that you are allowed to take to keep your taxes at a minimum.

#3 Bookkeeping Company in Minneapolis - Prudent Accountants

Another strong contender would be Prudent Accountants.

They provide CFO, Controller, and bookkeeping services to their clients in the retail, healthcare, real estate, non-profit, and food service industries.

Prudent Accountants operate in Minnesota and Texas.

#4 Bookkeeping Company in Minneapolis - Carefree Bookkeeping Service LLC

Carefree Bookkeeping mission is to educate business owners about their finances and empower them to maximize their money.

Why draw yourself away from what you do best; producing your product.

You may think that you’ll be saving money by doing your own accounting, but the truth is that a good accountant will save you money and possibly your business in the end.

Carefree Bookkeeping specializes in business owners who have 1-10 employees and work from either a home office or another dedicated brick-and-mortar location.

#5 Bookkeeping Company in Minneapolis - Owl Bookkeeping and CFO Services

Just like an owl can turn their head 270 degrees to see the whole landscape, Owl Bookkeeping and CFO Services can help you see your full financial picture.

Whether you need help with accounts payable, payroll or your monthly close, their accountants ensure these critical tasks are completed accurately and on time.

OWL has been built by selecting talent that has extensive in-the-field experience in multiple industries.

It’s amazing what you can do once your bookkeeping and accounting are being handled properly by an experienced team.

#6 Bookkeeping Company in Minneapolis - GlobalBiz Services

GlobalBiz Services has the ultimate technology and qualified personnel in order to give an excellent service to their customers.

Their services are based on a preferential treatment for our customers, so we could understand their individual and business needs.

#7 Bookkeeping Company in Minneapolis - Accurate Tax & Accounting-St Paul

Accurate Accounting is a small accounting and tax firm located on the edge of down town St. Paul, MN.

Their business accounting and tax returns are geared toward smaller companies with less than 15 employees.

Charlotte owned an accounting and tax business with a partner for four years and then decided to try it on their own.

When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren.

#8 Bookkeeping Company in Minneapolis - AG Bookkeeping Services LLC

AG Bookkeeping Services is a reputable online agency for all business types.

AG values the prosperity of your business, from tax preparation, cash flow management and anything in between is their concern.

They are forever your best professional business partner for accounting and financial advisory matters.

#9 Bookkeeping Company in Minneapolis - Reliable Financial Services LLC

Reliable Financial Services LLC has provided our clients with personalized taxation and accounting services throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities for over a decade.

The services they offer meet a wide range of both business and personal needs.

They are dedicated to timely, effective accounts management because we want your business to grow and thrive.

#10 Bookkeeping Company in Minneapolis - Accurate Accounting & Tax Prep

Accurate Accounting Service firm is large enough to offer a full range of professional services, but small enough to give you the individual attention that you deserve.

Since 1950, family owned and operated Accurate Accounting Service LLC has been serving the business and personal taxes.

From businesses- small and large- to families they provide professional representation through stellar communication and service to every client.

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