Construction Bookkeeping Service & Accountant for Contractors

Tax Planning, Bookkeeping, Payroll & Accounting for General Contractors

Whether you're a remodeler, painter, flooring contractor or plumber, we'll help you lower taxes & keep perfect financials.

We help contractors & builders scale & improve profitability.

Taxes, CFO, Job Costing & Bookkeeping Done For You

When you're ready to lower your taxes, build pristine financials and focus your staff with useful reports and dashboards, then connect with us for a free consultation.

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Never Overpay in Tax and Build a More Scalable Business

We'll Be Your Accountant & Bookkeeping Sub-Contractor

You can outsourced & sub-contract your accounting, payroll, tax reduction planning & finance department to our team, and we'll deliver value beyond what in-house hires can dream of.

Lower Your Taxes & Establish Rock-Solid Financials

We'll help you improve profitability & scalability by reducing your taxes, keeping perfect financials, and saving you lots of time by serving as your outsourced accounting firm.

We help builders, contractors & construction businesses with their tax returns, tax planning, bookkeeping and payroll.

We handle all the tax & accounting, so you can focus on your construction business.

Most General Contractor overpay in social security, medicare, capital gains and income taxes.

Why do they overpay in taxes? They overpay because they skimp on their tax planning accountant and bookkeeper.

Passageway Financial is a family owned CPA, Tax & Accounting Firm based out of Minnesota, that helps contractors around the nation with their bookkeeping, tax reduction planning, payroll and we serve as a CFO.

You deserve lowered taxes & better accounting.

When you connect with us here at Passageway, we'll immediately examine your tax return and books to find opportunities to save in taxes and improve your operations.

We specialize in delivering better results that the typical contractor accountant.

Grow & Scale Your Contracting Business

We know exactly how to manage your tax & financial records to help you grow and scale your contracting business.  We'll help you keep better records, setup true job costing, pro-actively reduce taxes, and stay on top of your finances.

We Help Contractor:

  • Implement Every Tax Reduction Strategy Possible
  • Grow Their Bonding & Scope of Project
  • Establish Processes & Procedures to Scale
  • Build Pristine Financials Their Lenders Will Love
  • Help Them Avoid Hiring More Staff
  • Keep them Lean & Nimble

You'll love having an outsourced accounting service from our team!

Passageway Financial Tax & Accounting

Uncover Real Tax Reduction Opportunity

Whether you're making $2 Mil. a year, or $150,000, we have a record of uncovering massive tax reduction strategies for every size and type of contracting business. Don't waste your hard-earned dollars on overpaid taxes.

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Friendly, Virtual & Minnesota Based

Our Clients Love our Minnesota Nice Team. We Pick up our phones, work pro-actively, and exclusively work with businesses like yours.

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Bookkeeping for General Contractors

At the core of our service is bookkeeping for contractors, builders and construction companies.

Great bookkeeping for contractors is the foundation of all tax reduction planning, scalability & cash flow management.

Bookkeeping for Home Builders, Remodelers & General Contractors

Passageway Financial Tax & Accounting is the top bookkeeping service for contractors and construction companies in the United States.  If you're looking to run a lean, profitable, scalable operation, then let us serve as your outsourced accounting firm and deliver excellent accounting results.

Quickbooks for General Contractors

We help setup Quickbooks for contractors, and then we perform the bookkeeping every month so they have perfect financials.  We'll help keep track of profitability for every project, and we'll ensure that you're monthly financial statements are always ready for lenders, auditors or other oversight.


General Contractors & Builders

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Specialized Tax Accountants for Small business

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Learn more about our bookkeeping services, tax reduction services, payroll services and other small business focused accounting services.

General Contractors & Builders

Whether you're a remodeler, painter, flooring contractor or plumber, we'll help you lower taxes & keep perfect financials.

Landscaping Contractors

We specialize in tax returns, bookkeeping, payroll and pro-active tax reduction planning for Contractors, Landscapers, Hardscape Companies & More

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We'll do your bookkeeping, tax returns, and work hard to lower your taxes.
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