St. Paul CPA & Tax Accountant for Small Business

CPA near St. Paul and Tax Accountant for small business. We'll help you with business taxes, bookkeeping, accounting & payroll.

St. Paul MN Bookkeeping Service & Business Accountant Near St. Paul

Saint Paul's Small Business Tax Accountants

Lowered Taxes & Done-for-You Bookkeeping

If you're ready to get pro-active tax reduction planning and CFO level guidance so you can build a more profitable and scalable business, then Passageway Financial is here to help.

You Deserve to Lower Taxes & Have Perfect Books

We know how hard it is to start and grow a small business, we'll help you keep more of what you earn while handling all the bookkeeping and accounting.

The Best Small Business Tax Accountant in St. Paul

We're not your typical CPA in St. Paul MN, we're an Outsourced Accountant that works pro-actively to lower taxes, keep things off your plate and serve as a CFO to help you scale.

Focus on Your Business, We'll Handle the Tax & Accounting

We know what allows businesses to thrive; focused teams, saved taxes & pristine financials help build momentum and scale.

CPA Near St. Paul MN - Passageway Financial

Looking for a CPA near Saint Paul Minnesota? Passageway Financial Tax and Accounting would love an opportunity to connect, identify opportunities to reduce your taxes, improve your business operations, and earn your business.

You deserve an engaged CPA for your Saint Paul Small Business

We've built the most effective and helpful accounting firm in St Paul Minnesota.

Our mission is to help small businesses build a more profitable and scalable operation so that they can impact their employees and customers in fantastic ways. To do this, we focus on being your Outsourced Accountant rather than a more traditional Saint Paul tax accounting firm.

The typical CPA near Saint Paul Minnesota is going to have hundreds if not thousands of customers, many of whom are simply tax preparation customers. When a Saint Paul CPA firm has a large book of 1040 tax return customers, their small business clients suffer. In order to be the best business accountants in St Paul Minnesota, we've had to remain focused and only work with entrepreneurs and business owners that fit within our accounting operating model.

What Businesses Deserve:

  • Aggressive & Competent Tax Reduction Planning
  • Year-Round guidance about purchases & investments
  • Bookkeeping services done for them
  • CFO level perspective and guidance
  • Strategic planning each quarter
  • Serve as a staff alternative
If you’re not getting pro-active, year-round planning and guidance from tax accountant or CPA, then you should connect.

Get a Second Opinion from a St. Paul Tax Specialist

You deserve a St. Paul Tax specialist that can help you maximize every tax reduction strategy possible, while helping you create a plan to build equipment, utilize capital and manage depreciation & investment schedules, while helping you build tax efficient wealth.

Build Tax Efficient Wealth & Reduce Your Taxes

Saint Paul businesses overpay in tax.

Instead of working with a typical St. Paul CPA or Saint Paul accounting firm, you should consider whether or not an accountant is a tax specialist that understands how to provide proactive, systematic tax reduction planning.  

Most business owners overpay in tax, because they're not working with a business tax specialist.

A great St. Paul Tax Specialist will:

  • Provide Year-Round Tax Reduction Planning
  • Engage in your books throughout the year
  • Understand your annual and long term goals
  • Help you build wealth & invest wisely
  • Provide estate planning guidance
  • Help utilize tax loopholes & take advantage of the IRS Tax Code

There are plenty of great tax accountants in St. Paul, and we know that there are a great deal of Saint Paul CPA’s that are larger than Passageway and even good competitors.  When you choose Passageway Financial as your accountant, we’ll relentlessly work to improve your business, lower your taxes, improve your financials and make you and your staff’s lives that much easier.

St. Paul MN Bookkeeping Service & Business Accountant Near St. Paul

Premier CPA Services for St. Paul Small Businesses

Passageway Financial offers expert tax reduction, bookkeeping, and CFO-level guidance to help small businesses in St. Paul thrive and scale.

Proactive Tax Reduction Planning

Maximize every tax strategy and build tax-efficient wealth with year-round guidance from our dedicated tax specialists.

Comprehensive Bookkeeping Services

Enjoy accurate bookkeeping and financial reporting, integrated seamlessly with tax planning and CFO services to boost efficiency.

Strategic CFO-Level Guidance

Receive expert advice on financial operations and strategic planning to help your business grow and achieve long-term success.

Bookkeeping Service St. Paul MN - Passageway Financial

We're the Best Saint Paul Bookkeeping Service for Small Business

Don’t just choose the best bookkeeping services Saint Paul, you should be looking for a bookkeeping service that also servers as a St. Paul MN Tax Strategist, helps make your team’s operations run more efficiently, and has a deep understanding of what helps a business improve.

Great Saint Paul Bookkeeping Services should include:

  • Pro-active tax guidanceCash Flow Management
  • Balance Sheet & Financial Statement Reports
  • Tight Integration with Tax & Management
  • Ability to create pristine chart of accounts
  • Provide prompt & accurate reconciliation
  • Integrate bookkeeping service with CRM & software

Best Business Bookkeeping Services in St. Paul

We’re on a mission to become Saint Paul’s top bookkeeping service, while also staying true to our DNA as a CPA and accounting firm for small businesses.  Our St. Paul Bookkeeping services are the foundation of everything we do, because everything starts with accurate bookkeeping and a rock-solid financial statement.

Integrated with the St. Paul bookkeeping services, should be Tax & Outsourced CFO Services

We end up serving as an outsourced bookkeeping services for small business, but then we take it a level further by serving as your outsourced Chief fFnancial Officer, besides your tax reduction strategist.

Most small businesses get stuck or remain stagnant because they don’t have the resources to build up high levels of staff, and they certainly don’t have the capacity to bring on a CFO.

How to Choose a Saint Paul Bookkeeping Service

When you’re choosing a bookkeeping service or bookkeeper, it’s important that you consider the typical mistakes that are made in bookkeeping, that lead to problems.

Our bookkeeping services are intertwined with our outsourced accounting and CPA, so that we not only provide prompt bookkeeping services, but we’re avoiding the silly mistakes that amateur bookkeepers and accountants will make within the chart of accounts.

Common Bookkeeping Mistakes:

  • Overstating or understating revenue
  • Double bookkeeping revenue
  • Expense vs. Depreciation
  • Handling deductible expenses properly
  • Integrating with Software
  • Watching for errors & problems

When you choose a St. Paul MN bookkeeping service, you should try to choose a bookkeeper that provides wisdom when reconciling books, rather than someone who’s just keeping you up to date.

Over the last 10 years, there’s been a boom in bookkeepers ditching their corporate jobs and starting their own bookkeeping businesses. While most of these bookkeepers do a fine job, there’s been a major problem with bookkeepers making tax mistakes and incorrectly handling major business expenses.

These virtual bookkeepers are great at what they do, they simply lack the formal training that we received as a Certified Public Accountant with our exam preparation, and they also don’t have the more formal business acumen.

We think these virtual bookkeepers can be just fine, but we recommend that you take the time to find a tax and accounting specialist.

Virtual CFO Services Saint Paul

Our owner, Trevor Haug CPA, spent his first decade working with the largest financial institutions and corporations in the world, helping provide their executives with the data, analysis and perspective they needed.  

Now, we’ve brought our expertise in the board room and C-level, down to small and medium sized businesses.

We’re eager for the opportunity to connect and help your business thrive. 

St. Paul MN Bookkeeping Service & Business Accountant Near St. Paul

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