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10 Best Bookkeeping Services Near Brooklyn Park

10 Best Bookkeeping Accountants Brooklyn Park

Looking for the best bookkeeping services near Brooklyn Park MN?

We've written a roundup of the top rated bookkeeping services & accounting firms serving Brooklyn Park Minnesota.

Bookkeepers & Business Accountants Brooklyn Park

If you're looking for a great bookkeeping accountant in the Brooklyn Park Area, then we'd be honored to connect and earn your business.

Here's the best bookkeepers in Brooklyn Park, but we'd love to earn your business.

You'll find lists of Brooklyn Park Bookkeepers on Yelp, BBB, Thervo, Thumbtack and even Superpages.

We're pulling this article of Brooklyn Park's best bookkeepers & bookkeeping services, so you can really find the best.

We wrote this article so that we can introduce ourselves, and hopefully earn your business.

We provide bookkeeping services to small business, but we also serve as an outsourced accountant.

Passageway Financial Brooklyn Park:

  • Get Aggressive Tax Reduction Planning
  • We'll cleanup your books once and for all
  • We'll handle the bookkeeping and accounting each month
  • We'll help you scale your business
  • We'll provide CFO-level guidance to grow and improve profitability
  • We'll provide excellent customer services
  • We'll prepare and file your business taxes & personal taxes
  • We'll ensure you're audit-proof & that you never overpay in tax again

Build a more scalable and profitable business with Passageway Financial

Here's the list of all the bookkeeping services in Brooklyn Park Minnesota, but please get to know us a little bit and consider bookkeeping a tax & business strategy call.

Top 10 Brooklyn Park Bookkeeping Companies

#1 Bookkeeping Company in Brooklyn Park - Passageway Financial

If you didn't guess it, Passageway Financial is the #1 Bookkeeping service in Brooklyn Park.

Why do we rank Passageway Financial as the best bookkeeping servince near Brooklyn Park?

Not just because our Mom's tell us we're the best, it's because we deliver so much more value than just bookkeeping & tax accounting.

When you choose Passageway for your bookkeeping, you'll also get aggressive tax reduction strategy, as well sound guidance to build a more scalable and profitable business.

Our owners, Trevor and Anna, spent years delivering top-tier accounting guidance to fortune 500 clients, and then they broke out to start their accounting firm in order to bring high caliber financial accounting to the family owned businesses around the country.

While it may seem like we're tooting our own horn, we've purposefully designed our accounting firm in Minneapolis, St. Paul to cater to the needs of small businesses.

Our aim is to help you maintain a streamlined organization, eliminating the need to recruit additional accounting and administrative personnel, all while providing genuine value through tax reduction planning and bookkeeping.

Situated just north of Minneapolis, we have a deep-seated passion for supporting small businesses.

We find particular joy in serving as a CPA for landscaping contractors, web design and digital agencies or freelancers, and general contractors.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services that includes bookkeeping, tax returns, tax reduction planning, and CFO guidance.

Our mission is to help you refine your operations and grow a scalable business.

We believe in setting the right foundation for your accounting needs.

To achieve this, we tidy up your books, set up a flawless chart of accounts from the get-go, and manage your bookkeeping on a weekly basis.

With Passageway Financial, overpaying taxes is a thing of the past.

As your acting CFO, we're here to help your business scale.

We handle extensive year-end accounting and reporting, enabling you to structure your business and enhance its growth.

#2 Bookkeeping Company in Brooklyn Park - Clergy Financial Resources

Our second pick for Brooklyn Park's best bookkeeping services is Clergy Financial Resources.

This is an accountant and bookkeeper for clergy, churches and non-profits.

Clergy Financial has stacked up some pretty serious google reviews over the years, which shows that they're one of Brooklyn Park's finest accountants and bookkeepers.

While they work with the non-profit and accounting sectors, they also specialize in Church Payroll.

Clergy Financial Resources is the leading provider of tax, payroll, bookkeeping, and HR solutions exclusively for religious organizations and clergy for over 40 years.

They value the variety of perspectives, talents, and experiences that come together and make it possible for Clergy Financial Resources to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

#3 Bookkeeping Company in Brooklyn Park - Tax Gal MN

Our third Brooklyn Park Bookkeeping company is Tax Gal MN

Now, the Tax Gal in Minnesota has been in business for a long time, and they help with taxes, bookkeeping, payroll and more.

Check out all the happy reviews the Tax Gal MN has gotten, and you'll see why they've made the list of the best bookkeepers & accountants in Brooklyn Park Minnesota.

Tax Gal works with you on a personal level to determine the best solutions for your unique needs.

They have been a family owned business 40+ years and offer professional services at a fair price.

Rest assured that when a need arises, their firm is ready available to assist you.

#4 Bookkeeping Company in Brooklyn Park - Jenson & Co. CPA Advisors

Coming in as the fourth bookkeeping service and accountant in Brooklyn Park is Jenson & Co CPA Advisors.

You can read more about their bookkeeping services, Tax Services and Consulting Services.

They've earned the right to be a top bookkeeper in the Minneapolis area by delivering amazing results to their customers, as shown by their Google Reviews.

Jenson & Co. CPA Advisors will guide you expertly through the ever-changing tangle of tax laws in order to minimize your tax liability.

They will evaluate your information and help you make smart decisions throughout the year that will increase your bottom line.

Jensen will assist you with setting both long and short-term goals that help you achieve your individual needs and desires.

#5 Bookkeeping Company in Brooklyn Park - Blue Skies Admin Services

Our fifth pick for Brooklyn Park's best bookkeepers and bookkeeping services, is Blue Skies Admin Services.

Blue skies admin

Blue Skies Admin Services believes that small businesses are built off the backs of plow horses, not show horses.

You get to tap into it without the large upfront costs, the salaries or the capital investment that would be required to hire a full-time recruiter, marketer or accountant.

They have the recruiting, marketing and accounting know-how to help grow your business.

#6 Bookkeeping Company in Brooklyn Park - Dane Tax Solutions, LLC

Dane Tax Solutions, LLC, is located in New Hope, Minnesota, a suburb in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul.

They are highly-qualified professionals who provide comprehensive services in the areas of accounting and tax for individuals, small business owners and nonprofits.

Their Certified Public Accounting (CPA) services can give you peace of mind that your tax matters are being handled in a professional manner that complies with tax laws and requirements.

#7 Bookkeeping Company in Brooklyn Park - Bayerkohler & Graff, Ltd.

Bayerkohler & Graff, Ltd. was founded in 1997 in Champlin, Minnesota, and serves Hennepin County and the surrounding Twin Cities area.

Bayerkohler & Graff is Licensed by the Minnesota Board of Accountancy and is a member of:

Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce
Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants

It is their firm’s policy that all professional personnel comply with continuing education requirements of the Minnesota Board of Accountancy.

#8 Bookkeeping Company in Brooklyn Park - Knoll Tax Service

Bruce Lyon-Dugin is the managing partner of Knoll Tax LLC  which provides income tax preparation and compliance, bookkeeping, and payroll for individuals, businesses, trusts, estates, and non-profit organizations.

As a manufacturing CFO, benefits and financial tax accountant for more than 25 years in multi-national companies like Plexus Corp, SNC Manufacturing Inc. and Paper Converting Machine Inc., Bruce is experienced in small business product design, R & D expense and manufacturing.

Currently, Bruce has a certification from the U.S. Treasury as an Enrolled Agent, and a Minnesota Health and Property Insurance license.

#9 Bookkeeping Company in Brooklyn Park - Sota Bookkeeping

Eric is the owner of Sota Bookkeeping.

Once a farm boy from rural central Minnesota, he moved to Minneapolis in 2015 to further his accounting career.

In March of 2021, he made the biggest decision of my career and made the leap into self-employment.

Sota Bookkeeping's goal is to alleviate that fear factor so that you can get back to doing the things you love, whether that's spending more time on your business, traveling, spending time with family, or just relaxing!

#10 Bookkeeping Company in Brooklyn Park - TruNorth Tax

TruNorth Tax LLC believes:

Taxes should be predictable.

At tax filing, your results shouldn’t be a surprise.

Tax planning is an integral part of completing your return.

We recognize the importance of collaborating with clients and their financial planners to provide a larger tax plan, giving you better control around your taxes.

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