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Looking for a Small Business CPA, Accountant, Bookkeeper or Tax Specialist? 

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Never Overpay in Tax and Build a More Scalable Business

We're the CPA at the Northern Green Expo 2023

Passageway Financial is the premiere CPA, Tax and Accounting firm for Landscaping Contractors and we're honored to connect with Northern Green Expo companies to help with their accounting, tax and bookkeeping.

If you're searching for the CPA, Tax and Accounting firm from the Northern Green Expo 2023, click below to get to know us more.
Minneapolis Tax Specialist for Small Business

You'll Love Working With Passageway

We're unique because we have the experience and perspective of large CPA Firms, but we're a small family owned accounting practice focused on improving businesses, not just compliance.

Spend time in your strengths, not doing accounting tasks
Work with a highly experienced accountant
Year end taxes made easy
Reduce taxes, and keep more of what you earn
Get the benefits of a full time CPA, for a fraction of the price
What Difference Does it Make?

Why Choose Passageway Outsourced Accounting?

Unlike a typical accountant, we engage throughout the year in a pro-active, highly engaged way. We'll reduce your taxes big time, we'll make your life easier and we will legitimately improve your financial position.

Here's a bit of the difference we make in an average business owner's life.

in Annual Tax Savings
30 Years at 10% Future Value of Savings
8 Hrs
Weekly time saved
Staff Costs Saved 8hr at $30/hr
Staff Costs Saved
Staff Costs Saved
Take Control of Your Business

Reclaim Lost Taxes & Time

Business owners lose momentum & money when they don't get pro-active, year-round tax & accounting guidance.

We make sure you reduce taxes & never waste time attempting to do your own accounting.
Are You Overpaying in Taxes?
There's a massive difference after we've implemented a tax plan.
Hiring Unnecessary Staff?
You won't have to hire a part time or full time bookkeeper.
Wasting Time Doing It Yourself?
It takes us minutes to accomplish what takes most hours.
Unsure About the Financial Position of Your Business?
We'll provide the CFO perspective to help you accomplish your goals.
Passageway Financial Tax & Accounting

Our Accounting Services

Here at Passageway Financial, we help all sorts of small businesses reduce taxes, focus on what they do best and helping them scale, but here are a couple of the industries we specialize in helping.

Tax Reduction Planning

We'll help you do everything possible to reduce your business taxes.

Retirement & Wealth Planning

We'll help you build meaningful, tax efficient wealth.

Business Tax Preparation

We prepare and file your small business tax returns & actually provide analysis for tax reduction.

Bookkeeping Services

Don't settle for a generic bookkeeping services, get your books done by a tax mitigation expert.

Be Certain You're Not Overpaying in Taxes

 Bookkeeping for Contractors & Construction

Construction Bookkeeping & Accounting

We help construction companies, general contractors & sub contractors build more profitable and scalable businesses.  

Get Tax Planning, bookkeeping services, tax return preparation & CFO level guidance for your construction company.

Construction Bookkeeping
Accounting Done Right

CPA Near Minneapolis St. Paul

When you choose Passageway, you're getting much more than just a typical Minneapolis Tax Accountant, you're gaining a partner that's invested, to deliver real results.

Scale faster & further with CFO guidance
We provide external perspective on the financial side of your business.
Start your business faster & without regrets
We'll help your startup get rolling quicker & we'll teach you how to do it right.
Keep more of what you earn
No matter what level you earn, we'll find significant tax savings for you.

We Make This Easy

Switching accountants can be difficult, but we make this a snap.

In-Depth Analysis

We'll analyze your accounting processes, tax returns & financials to come up with a plan and identify opportunities.

Launch with a clean start & plan

We'll create an in-depth tax plan, implement it, and get all your accounting cleaned up to the highest of standards.

Growth & savings

We'll take it from here, providing pro-active guidance & services to help you grow & save
Bookkeeping for Digital Marketing Agencies

Accountant for Digital Marketing & Web Design

We also specialize in providing accounting services and bookkeeping services for digital marketing agencies, marketing freelancers & digital agencies.

If you're an agency or a contractor, we'll help you lower your taxes & improve your scalability.

Accountant for Digital Marketers
CPA Near Minneapolis St. Paul

Tax Accountant for Small Business

Tax Accountant for Independent Contractors

When you've just started your business, and you're working with smaller teams of sub contractors.

We'll be your Minneapolis Tax Accountant & Bookkeeping service to help you get off the ground and scale much higher.

Small Business CPA Near Minneapolis

We'll help your team stay efficient & enable higher productivity. You'll get the benefit of hiring a full time tax & bookkeeping specialist, for a fraction of the price of a regular employee.

Tax Accountant & CPA for Large Business

I've spent a decade in the largest financial institutions in the world, performing due-diligence & high level consulting.

We help even the largest firms identify opportunities to move ahead, save taxes & accomplish their goals.
Specialized Tax Accountants for Small business

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Learn more about our bookkeeping services, tax reduction services, payroll services and other small business focused accounting services.

General Contractors & Builders

Whether you're a remodeler, painter, flooring contractor or plumber, we'll help you lower taxes & keep perfect financials.

Landscaping Contractors

We specialize in tax returns, bookkeeping, payroll and pro-active tax reduction planning for Contractors, Landscapers, Hardscape Companies & More

Digital Agencies & Freelancers

We'll do your bookkeeping, tax returns, and work hard to lower your taxes.

#1 Small Business Accountant Near

We work with businesses across the United States, but we love helping as a Tax Accountant near the Minneapolis, St. Paul Twin Cities Region.

6 Tips to Hire the Best Business CPA & Tax Accountant in Minnesota

How can you compare business CPA's and Tax Accountants? What should you look for when hiring a business tax accountant? 

We pride ourselves in being a small business tax accountant that helps organizations become more scalable and profitable - which means we seek to be much different than your typical tax accountant or bookkeeper.

Here are 6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Business CPA or Business Tax Accountant

When you start looking around the internet for this type of advice, you're going to see lots of articles glossing over what it takes to select the best tax accountants.

6 Tips to Choose the best Business CPA

  1. Choose a Pro-Active Tax Accountant - Your accountant should engage with your throughout the year, not just wait till tax season.  In fact, if you don't get year-long and pro-active engagement from a tax accountant, chances are you're going to overpay in tax, have lots of mistakes, and remain stuck in your business.
  2. Choose a Tax Reduction Strategist - the best business tax accountants are going to come to you with ideas to mitigate your taxes, including your social security, medicare, state and federal taxes. They'll show you ways to pro-actively invest and maneuver through the tax code to pay the lowest tax rate possible, and never incur double taxation.
  3. Choose a Friendly Small Accountant - When you choose a mid-sized or large CPA firm in your region, they're business model is optimized for scalability.  These antiquated business models usually lead to a desperate grasp for more, meaning that each customer will receive progressively lower quality advice, guidance and help. Your business tax returns will be one of thousands, and it's not easy to get nuanced advice.
  4. Choose an Outsourced Accountant - We utilize the outsourced accounting model that focuses on delivering an integrated, highly engaged accounting service that pursues your best interests.  The outsourced accounting model includes bookkeeping service, tax reduction planning, tax return preparation and CFO level advisory guidance to help your business achieve better results. You'll see many accountants across the nation embracing this outsourced accounting model, like Diwan Accounting in Seattle, Performance Financial Tax & Accounting in Des Moines, Pulver CPA in Hallandale Beach Florida, CBW Tax & Accounting in Cleveland Ohio and Pinnacle Tax & Accounting in Miami Florida.
  5. Choose a Wise Accountant- You'll notice that some accountants are simply numbers people, while others understand how to empower businesses to make better decisions, improve profitability and achieve their goals. When you're choosing a business accountant, you should look for a small firm that has business acumen and wisdom to build more scalable and profitable businesses.
  6. Choose Enjoyable People - You should like your accountant to a degree.  Your accountant will intersect with your business often, and there's no reason why your tax accountant needs to be difficult to engage with, or be anything less than enjoyable when communicating.

These are 6 tips we think you should use when selecting the best CPA for your business, and we're certain that you'll love working with Passageway Financial.

Bookkeeper Near Minneapolis & Twin Cities

Passageway Financial is also a bookkeeper near Minneapolis St. Paul, providing bookkeeping services to Minnesota entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations. If you've been looking for Minneapolis based bookkeeping services, then you're in the right place.  Why choose Passageway Financial Minneapolis Bookkeeping? We're dedicated to not only provide the best bookkeeping service in Minneapolis St. Paul, but we provide tax reduction planning throughout the year as well.  Getting your books done by a

CPA Near Minneapolis MN

Best Accountants Near Minneapolis

Is Passageway Financial a CPA Near Minneapolis Minnesota?  Yes, we are a CPA near Minneapolis Minnesota, but we provide Tax & Accounting services to small businesses throughout the United States in all of Minnesota. Trevor Haug is a Certified Public Accountant near Minneapolis and St. Paul, and we'd be honored to connect and help as your CPA in Minneapolis Twin Cities.

We're on a mission to be counted as one of the best accountants near Minneapolis or the best Tax Accountants near St. Paul Minnesota.  What makes for a good Minneapolis Accountant? Well, we've found that great CPA's and tax accountants aren't just reactive, and they'll work with their clients throughout the year, rather than just at year end.  These best accountants will make sure that you don't waste time, but they'll also engage with owners, management teams and advisors to pro-actively plan a more profitable and scalable business.  

What are the best accounting firms in Minneapolis for Small Business?  Well, Passageway Financial is the best CPA for small business in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area, and we're really excited to earn your business and show you how we work to create better outcomes for our business clients.  Lowered taxes, saved time, better bondability, improved profitability and reduced staffing needs are all part of what we're trying to provide here.