Small Business Tax, Accounting & Consulting

We'll Help Reduce Taxes & Save You Time

We're a Minnesota Tax, Accounting, Bookkeeping & Payroll Firm for Small Businesses.

Make Your Business Thrive

You'll Love Working With Passageway

We're unique because we have the experience and perspective of large CPA Firms, but we're a small family owned accounting practice focused on improving businesses, not just compliance.

Spend time in your strengths, not doing accounting tasks
Work with a highly experienced accountant
Year end taxes made easy
Reduce taxes, and keep more of what you earn
Get the benefits of a full time CPA, for a fraction of the price
What Difference Does it Make?

Why Choose Passageway Outsourced Accounting?

Unlike a typical accountant, we engage throughout the year in a pro-active, highly engaged way. We'll reduce your taxes big time, we'll make your life easier and we will legitimately improve your financial position.

Here's a bit of the difference we make in an average business owner's life.

in Annual Tax Savings
30 Years at 10% Future Value of Savings
8 Hrs
Weekly time saved
Staff Costs Saved 8hr at $30/hr
Staff Costs Saved
Staff Costs Saved
Take Control of Your Business

Reclaim Lost Taxes & Time

Business owners lose momentum & money when they don't get pro-active, year-round tax & accounting guidance.

We make sure you reduce taxes & never waste time attempting to do your own accounting.
Are You Overpaying in Taxes?
There's a massive difference after we've implemented a tax plan.
Hiring Unnecessary Staff?
You won't have to hire a part time or full time bookkeeper.
Wasting Time Doing It Yourself?
It takes us minutes to accomplish what takes most hours.
Unsure About the Financial Position of Your Business?
We'll provide the CFO perspective to help you accomplish your goals.

Be Certain You're Not Overpaying in Taxes

Accounting Done Right

Get a CPA Working On Your Business

When you choose Passageway, you're getting much more than just a bookkeeper or tax professional, you're gaining a partner that's invested, to deliver real results.

Scale faster & further with CFO guidance
We provide external perspective on the financial side of your business.
Start your business faster & without regrets
We'll help your startup get rolling quicker & we'll teach you how to do it right.
Keep more of what you earn
No matter what level you earn, we'll find significant tax savings for you.

General Contractors & Builders

Landscaping Contractors

Digital Agencies & Freelancers

We Make This Easy

Switching accountants can be difficult, but we make this a snap.

In-Depth Analysis

We'll analyze your accounting processes, tax returns & financials to come up with a plan and identify opportunities.

Launch with a clean start & plan

We'll create an in-depth tax plan, implement it, and get all your accounting cleaned up to the highest of standards.

Growth & savings

We'll take it from here, providing pro-active guidance & services to help you grow & save
Who We Serve

Services for All Sizes of Businesses


When you've just started your business, and you're working with smaller teams of sub contractors.

We'll help you minimize your taxes & keep you out of the weeds.  Focus on your business, we'll handle the books & taxes.

Small Businesses

We'll help your team stay efficient & enable higher productivity. You'll get the benefit of hiring a full time tax & bookkeeping specialist, for a fraction of the price of a regular employee.

Large Firms

I've spent a decade in the largest financial institutions in the world, performing due-diligence & high level consulting.

We help even the largest firms identify opportunities to move ahead, save taxes & accomplish their goals.