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We're a Minneapolis CPA focused on small businesses to help them build a more profitable and scalable business.

Get Lowered Taxes & Perfect Books

Get Focused Attention All Year Long

Most business owners waste time and money because they choose reactive, year-end tax accountants that are too busy to help them identify and implement meaningful business strategies.

We'll help your business reduce taxes, scale further and we'll handle all the accounting so you don't have to lift a finger.

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Never Overpay in Tax and Build a More Scalable Business

You Deserve Lowered Taxes & Pristine Financials

We're a hyper-focused, small CPA in Minneapolis that works to mitigate taxes, keep you compliant, empower your team to focus and makes year-end tax preparation a breeze.

Minneapolis CPA Passageway Financial

How confident are you that you’re not overpaying in tax?

Is your current CPA working throughout the year to bring you ideas to reduce taxes?

Do you waste staff time & effort doing bookkeeping, financial administration or coordinating year-end taxes?

Do you have a CFO level guide helping you determine strategic moves with operations and finances?

Don't settle for a typical CPA in Minneapolis.

We’re much different than a typical Minneapolis CPA. We’ll handle all your bookkeeping, business tax returns payroll and accounting, while aggressively working to lower your taxes as a tax specialist, and provide CFO level guidance to scale your business far beyond what you thought was possible. 

Looking for the Best Minneapolis CPA for Small Business?  Compared to other CPA’s in Minneapolis, we don’t work with individuals. We exclusively work with small businesses as their Outsourced Accountant, providing an integrated service.  If you're looking for a great CPA in Minneapolis, you'll find lots of resources like Yelp, Clutch, Expertise, Upcity, Thumbtack or the Minnesota CPA, AICPA MN.

Tax CPA Near Minneapolis

Passageway Financial is a Tax CPA Near Minneapolis that’s family owned, and provides an integrated Tax CPA, bookkeeping and pro-active tax reduction service for small businesses of all types, but we also specialize as an accountant for Landscaping Contractors, Digital Agency owners, General Contractors and Real Estate Agents.

What to Look for in a Tax CPA Near Minneapolis

When you’re choosing a Tax CPA near Minneapolis, we think you should work with a Minneapolis CPA that understands how to help businesses not only stay compliant by doing their business & personal taxes at the end of the year, but partner with businesses so they can run more efficiently, reduce their staffing requirements, and reduce vendors and platforms.

A Great Tax CPA Near Minneapolis will:

  • Help businesses aggressively lower taxes
  • Handle the bookkeeping
  • Serve as a financial admin
  • Provide CFO level guidance & perspective
  • Pro-actively guide throughout the year
  • Handle year-end tax returns
  • Help manage cashflow & the balance sheet to scale

Ready to take your business to the next level? Don’t settle for a typical Minneapolis Accountant. Book a tax analysis and consultation with our Owner, Trevor Haug CPA, and we’ll work hard to see if there’s an opportunity to add value and help you build a more profitable and scalable business.

Passageway Financial Tax & Accounting

Minneapolis Bookkeeping Company with Tax Guidance

We're a Unique Minneapolis Bookkeeping Company, because our bookkeeping is done with Tax Reduction Planning in mind & CFO level guidance.

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Be Certain You're Not Overpaying in Tax

Most Minneapolis Tax Accountants are status quo, in that they have hundreds or thousands of tax clients, which means they're too busy to provide high quality & aggressive guidance. We're totally different, we help a small group of small businesses achieve their full potential by being their outsourced accountants.

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Tax Accountant Near Minneapolis for Small Business

Choose a tax accountant dedicated to excellence

We are not the typical tax accountant near Minneapolis, and we would be delighted to connect with you to see if we can add more value than what you’re currently receiving from your Minneapolis Tax Preparation accountant or any other CPA in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Choose an Engaged & Focused Minneapolis Tax Accountant

Passageway Financial Tax & Accounting is on a mission to become the highest rated and most sought-after Minneapolis tax accountant by doing things differently than your typical Minneapolis tax accountant. Small businesses deserve as much help and guidance as possible so that their team can focus on production and sales, rather than financial Administration, Bookkeeping, Tax planning and coordinating between bookkeepers and tax preparation CPAs.

Your Minneapolis Accounting Service should help you avoid hiring part-time or full-time staff.

We've built our Minneapolis accounting firm in such a way that we can come alongside a small business and empower them to keep resources invested in production, sales and the most important activities rather than administration and bureaucracy.

You won't have to hire anyone to do your bookkeeping or accounting, we'll handle it.

Subcontract your bookkeeping, financial admin, CFOs and taxes to Passageway Financial.

For a low-cost monthly retainer, your business can tap into some of the most qualified tax planning perspective and helpful bookkeeping and accounting services in Minneapolis.

Your team won't have to do any bookkeeping, new employee set up for payroll, or messing around with accounting which means that you'll be able to achieve dramatic increases in efficiency.

Business Accountant Near Minneapolis

You and your staff will love the support you get from Passageway Financial.

We’ll help your business run more efficiently, while simultaneously helping you reduce taxes & improve your financial position.

We are a business accountant near Minneapolis, but we serve all of the surrounding areas as well as the entire United States because we are a virtual business accounting firm that's built to be super helpful for small businesses.

The typical Minneapolis business accountant does things the old school way, but we've invested in a customer friendly, secure and helpful platform so that our clients can enjoy the efficiencies they deserve. You won't have to do lots of time-consuming meetings with your CPA and we can achieve incredible conveniences during year-end tax season.



How to Become a CPA in Minneapolis MN

Becoming a CPA in Minnesota starts with passing the CPA Exam and you can learn more about that at MN AICPA and NASBA. There's a series of other requirements such as educational requirements for CPA's:

Learn Here:

  1. Meet Minnesota's education requirements for the Uniform CPA exam.
  2. Apply for the Uniform CPA Exam. ...
  3. Prepare for the Uniform CPA Exam. ...
  4. Pass the Uniform CPA Exam. ...
  5. Take the self-study ethics exam.
  6. Meet the experience requirements.
  7. Apply for a certificate to practice through the Minnesota Board of Accountancy.

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