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Best Business Accountants and CPAs in Minneapolis St. Paul - Passageway

10 Best Minneapolis Small Business CPA and Tax Accountants

There’s a huge difference between your typical Minneapolis CPA Tax Accountant, St. Paul business tax-preparing company, and an outsourced accountant.

Here at Passageway Financial, we deliver real value by ensuring that you get proactive and aggressive tax reduction planning throughout the year. We handle all the accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes for your business year-round so you can focus on what you do best and have reduced taxes.

We work tirelessly to advance your best interests, and we think that’s a huge part of what qualifies an accounting firm as being one of the best in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, or Saint Paul regions.

Best Accountants for Small Business in Minneapolis and St. Paul

So who are the high-caliber Certified Public Accountants and Tax Accountants for small businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul? Here’s what we think it takes to make the cut.

What to look for in a business accountant:

  • Proactive tax reduction planning
  • Confidence and humility
  • Doesn’t do individual tax returns
  • Provides an all-in-one service
  • Has a lean team to focus on a small group of clients
  • Has CFO Style Perspective
  • Has CPA or Enrolled Agent Qualifications
  • Works remotely and utilizes technology to make life easy
  • Delivers compliance with aggressive pursuit of your best interests
  • Save you from hiring additional accounting staff
  • Serves as a staffing alternative
  • Helps with cash flow control and getting paid
  • Provides guidance on how to scale your business
  • Delivers long-term wealth building goals
  • Doesn’t have conflicts of interests because they sell insurance or investments
  • Several 5-star reviews from their clients
In short, the best small business accountants in Minneapolis and St. Paul will be truly focused on being your outsourced accountants.

Here are our choices for the top 10:

#1 Minneapolis Small Business CPA, Tax and Accounting Firm for Small Business

Passageway Financial in Minneapolis and St. Paul

It might feel like sounding our own horn, but we have built our Minneapolis, St. Paul accounting firm to serve small businesses and focus on their needs. We help organizations between $500,000 and $10 Million in revenue who are focused on high growth.

We help you run a lean organization and avoid the need to hire accounting and administration staff while also delivering real value around tax reduction planning and bookkeeping.

We are located just north of Minneapolis and are passionate about helping small businesses of all shapes and sizes, but we really like serving as a CPA for landscaping contractors, web design and digital agencies or freelancers, and general contractors.

As a small, family-owned accounting team, we’re passionate about small businesses and we’re excited about helping them grow.

What you get from Passageway Financial Tax and Accounting:

We offer bookkeeping, tax returns, tax reduction planning, and provide CFO guidance as an Outsourced Accountant to help you build a scalable business and improve operations. 

To build your accounting to perfection, we clean up your books and establish a perfect chart of accounts from the start. We handle your bookkeeping every week and help you run payroll, too, so you never waste your time or get stuck spending hours doing financial reports.

Our proactive approach to tax reduction planning will help you save and lower your tax burden so you can focus on what you do best.

Not only do we create your tax plan, but we implement it and provide year-round strategic planning, so your taxes stay low. We pay your taxes throughout the year in an even manner, so you never fall behind or give the government a free loan with your hard-earned money. With Passageway Financial, you’ll never overpay in taxes.

We serve as your CFO and help you scale your business. While we perform high levels of year-end accounting and reporting, you can periodize your business and scale your growth.

In short, we’re a young, nimble, and proactive accounting firm that’s built for contractors, service-based businesses, and every type of high-growth business around.

If you’re in the Minneapolis Twin Cities area and you’re looking for a really good small business accountant, we’d love to connect and provide some help.

#2 Minneapolis Small Business CPA, Tax and Accounting Firm for Small Business

CSI Accounting & Payroll Minneapolis Twin Cities

CSI Accounting and Payroll is number two on our list of the best small business accounting firms in Minneapolis and St. Paul Twin Cities. They offer services such as business tax, accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll services.

With their 169 stunning Google reviews and vast offerings, they might be worth checking out!

#3 Best Minneapolis Small Business CPA, Tax and Accounting firm for Small Business

Prudent Accountants of Minneapolis

Another strong contender would be Prudent Accountants, who have over 125 5-Star Google reviews. They provide CFO, Controller, and bookkeeping services to their clients in the retail, healthcare, real estate, non-profit, and food service industries.

#4 Best Minneapolis Small Business CPA, Tax and Accounting firm for Small Business

Menden Accounting and Tax Services in Shakopee

Just southwest of the Twin Cities, we have Menden Accounting and Tax Services. While they do offer services for individuals, primarily seniors who are looking for estate planning, they offer bookkeeping services, tax problem resolution, and part-time CFO services for small businesses and nonprofits. If you’re looking for a local Shakopee tax accountant, check out their website!

#5 Best Minneapolis Small Business CPA, Tax and Accounting firm for Small Business

Nuance Financial Tax and Accounting in Lakeville 

Nuance Financial is a strong contender here in the Twin Cities as a small business tax specialist.  They have over 170 5-Star Google Reviews and provide an outsourced accounting solution for entrepreneurs and contractors as well. 

If you’re looking for a small business accountant, Nuance Financial might be a good contender as well.

#6 Best Minneapolis Small Business CPA, Tax and Accounting firm for Small Business

Integrated Accounting and Tax in Prior Lake

Coming in at #6, Integrated Accounting and Tax is equipped to help with business accounting, payroll, and outsourced CFO services. They have 80 5-Star Google reviews, so they could be worth checking in on if you’re interested.

#7 Best Minneapolis Small Business CPA, Tax and Accounting firm for Small Business

GW Carter in Edina

As our 7th choice, we have the highest-rated and best small business accountant in Minneapolis St. Paul, GW Carter.

They’re a small business accounting firm that provides business tax reduction planning, tax returns, tax strategy, bookkeeping, and accounting. If you’re looking for a strong contender for a good accountant for foreign nationals and US citizens abroad, that’s their specialty. 

#8 Best Minneapolis Small Business CPA, Tax and Accounting firm for Small Business

Jensen and Co CPA Advisors in Maple Grove

Jensen and Co CPA Advisors offers tax services, payroll, and bookkeeping services. They offer consulting services for start-ups, turnaround organizations, and growth-oriented companies to help them forecast and evaluate their current processes. With over 70 5-star reviews, they are a very professional group we consider worth looking into.

#9 Best Minneapolis Small Business CPA, Tax and Accounting firm for Small Business

Ramsay and Associates in Mahtomedi

Working out of Mahtomedi, we have Ramsay and Associates. They serve a variety of clients, working with them on everything from business to personal finances and financial planning. Their highest reviews praise them for responsiveness, and they have 50 reviews on Google to say that they are one of the Twin Cities' best. 

#10 Best Minneapolis Small Business CPA, Tax and Accounting firm for Small Business

Paul Haglund and Company in Lakeville

Paul Haglund and Company is a very tax-focused group, helping troubleshoot IRS tax problems, tax preparation and planning, and also business consulting. With 40 5-star reviews, based out of Lakeville, Minnesota, their clients clearly appreciate the work their doing.

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