Bookkeeping Services Near Minneapolis St. Paul

Bookkeeping Services for Small business

Don't settle for a generic bookkeeping services, get your books done by a tax mitigation expert.

Get perfect financials and never lift a finger

Bookkeeping Services with Tax Reduction Planning

Don't waste staff time or resource, get pristine books by sub-contracting them to Passageway.

Watch How We're Different:

Never Overpay in Tax and Build a More Scalable Business

Get Perfect Financials & Grow

We'll establish a top-caliber accounting system & ensure everything is caught up, laying a sound foundation.

Bookkeeping Services Near Minneapolis St. Paul

If you're looking for a bookkeeping service for your small business, we'd love to connect and share with you how our integrated tax reduction planning, business tax preparation services, bookkeeping & CFO services combine to help your business thrive.

Lowered Taxes, Increased Profitability with Scalability

We know what small business owners need, and what they appreciate, and we've developed our outsourced accounting service to provide exactly that.

You'll Love Our Integrated Bookkeeping Service with Tax Reduction Planning

We built Passageway Financial so that it can truly be counted as one of the most helpful and impactful accounting firms in the United States, let alone the Twin Cities.

We'll ensure you build a more scalable and profitable business, by not only performing bookkeeping services every month, but by engaging with your business throughout the year to help you manage cash flow, scale your business with tax reduction planning services.

Quickbooks & Bookkeeping Services Near Me Twin Cities

Passageway provides done-for-you bookkeeping to small businesses and we roll it together with our pro-active tax planning services.

There are a host of bookkeeping services available, but what we do is serve as your outsourced accountants. We've developed excellent perspective for clients across the country, but we also love serving as an accountant near me St. Paul Minnesota.

Our Bookkeeping Services Include:

  • Cleanup & Initial Setup
  • Books done each month
  • Month end reporting
  • Financial reporting
  • Pro active tax planning
  • Tax payments made for you
  • CFO level guidance & support

Passageway Financial Tax & Accounting

Prompt & Accurate Monthly Bookkeeping

Our team will ensure your bookkeeping, payroll and tax payments are completed each month, and we'll help you establish financial systems to really scale your operations.

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We'll Increase Profitability & Productivity

Our bookkeeping services are done while you're working, and you'll see just how dramatic the financial impact is on your team's productivity.

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Bookkeeping Services with CFO & Tax Guidance

Most business owners are trying to grow a business that's bigger than they are.

They struggle to scale, they overpay in taxes, they make mistakes that leads to problems and they spend time doing accounting tasks they have no business doing.

We provide freedom & peace of mind

Our bookkeeping services are intertwined with real business acumen, CFO perspective, and tax reduction wisdom.

We don't just keep your books up to date, we use bookkeeping as the foundation for operational and financial excellence.

Bookkeeping Services Near Me Minneapolis - Passageway Financial

Your bookkeeping will get done promptly, accurately, and will be part of an overarching strategy to help your business thrive.  The best bookkeeping service Minneapolis will not only help you with Quickbooks or Xero bookkeeping, but they will guide your business to make better decisions, scale your business and nevery overpay in taxes.

No Need for Separate Bookkeeping Services & Tax Services

Another thing our customers love about our bookkeeping services in Minnesota, is that it's integrated with our outsourced accounting service, which means you won't have to coordinate between a separate tax accountant, bookkeeping service and payroll service - which saves you time and reduces errors.

Integrated Bookkeeping Services & Tax Lead to Reduced Errors

You'll also see that by integrating your bookkeeping services, there are fewer mistakes and miscommunications, leading to more stable accounting & tax planning.  Typical bookkeeping services will be done by a lower skilled, less-qualified accountant, and then it will be sent over to a more senior tax strategist and tax preparer, where qualitative analysis can take place.

Our bookkeeping services and tax planning guidance are intertwined, leading to more intelligent decision making and guidance.


Bookkeeping Services

6 Tips when Choosing a Bookkeeping Service

6 Tips when Choosing a Bookkeeping Service or Bookkeeper

What considerations should be made when selecting a bookkeeping service or a bookkeeping company?  There's been a rise in online bookkeepers, but there's a huge difference in the caliber of bookkeepers available.  Here at Passageway Financial, we provide bookkeeping services, tax reduction planning, business tax preparation, and CFO level guidance to small businesses.

While we help small businesses across the United States, we really like serving as a Tax Accountant Near Minneapolis, Saint Paul Accounting firm, and other Twin Cities local small businesses.  We're also specialized as a accountant for landscaping contractors, CPA Tax Accountant for Web Designers & Marketing Firms and we're a CPA for Remodeling Contractors & General Contractors.

When you're choosing a bookkeeping service, we'd advice you to consider 6 things so that you end up with a truly better outcome.  Online Bookkeeping services are popping up everywhere and there are many different small business bookkeeping softwares like Quickbooks Online, Xero, Wave, Freshbooks, Sage for Contractors, Bench Bookkeeping and Zipbooks.

While there are many bookkeeping services out there, the software isn't really as important as the bookkeeper and tax expert guiding your through.

Here at Passageway, we're really focused on helping businesses reduce taxes, save time and build more scalable and profitable businesses.

You should focus more on selecting the best bookkeeper and tax accountant, rather than get too focused on the individual bookkeeping software.  We're an outsourced accountant that helps with bookkeeping. We're trying to deliver much more value than your typical bookkeeper, just like some other peers across the United States doing the outsourced accounting model.

Some other outsourced accountants doing business bookkeeping are Diwan Accounting & Bookkeeping Seattle, Performance Financial Bookkeeping in Des Moines Iowa, Pulver CPA Bookkeeping in Florida, Pinnacle Bookkeeping Services near Miami, and CBW Bookkeeping services Cleveland Ohio.

6 Tips How to Choose a Bookkeeping Service:

#1 Tip for a Bookkeeping Service - Choose a Tax Strategist

There's been a huge rise in gurus teaching bookkeepers how to start a bookkeeping service, and that means there are many bookkeepers out there that lack the accounting & tax acumen your business deserves.

We're a Minneapolis CPA Firm that specializes in small business tax strategies as well as bookkeeping, and we provide an integrated service.

#2 Tip to Choose a Bookkeeper - Choose a Small Accounting Firm

When you choose a large software based bookkeeping service, you're just a another number in a business trying to scale aggressively.  

Bookkeeping is really all about wisdom, and when your bookkeeping is quickly done by a large virtual bookkeeping service vs. a local bookkeeper, you'll experience confusion.

Tip #3 for Choosing a Bookkeeper - Get Integrated Service

When your bookkeeping service is integrated with your tax strategy & business tax preparation service, you're going to get better advice and service.

When you choose an integrated outsourced accountant, you also don't have to coordinate multiple vendors, book more appointments and waste time in too many meetings.

Tip #4 - Choose a Local Bookkeeper

Why should you choose a local bookkeeper? 

Well, local bookkeepers vs. online bookkeeping services end up being highly connected to other local businesses, and their relationship can lead to many more referrals and introductions.

When you choose a local bookkeeping service, like our specializing in bookkeeping Minneapolis, St. Paul Bookkeeping Service, or a bookkeeper near Blaine, MN, then you get someone in-tune with local vendors and your business cycle.

Local businesses also have a tendency to be more helpful and introduce you to other great problem solving businesses.

Tip #5 - Choose a Bookkeeper That Knows Local Laws & Tax Rules

You really don't want to make mistakes in your sales taxes, and as local government continue to choose to have their own sales taxes - you're going to want a bookkeeper that can identify local issues and problems, and this is usually most important at the state level.

When you choose a local bookkeeping business instead of a large national, you'll get better insider knowledge for your state!

Tip #6 Choose a Bookkeeping Service that Knows Your Industry Niche

When you choose a bookkeeper or tax accountant that knows your industry business niche, then you're going to get nuanced tax advice and service in line with your industry specific problems and goals.

Here at Passageway Financial, we specialize as a bookkeeper for landscaping contractors, bookkeeper for web design agency's and a bookkeeper for general contractors.  

We've established best practices and strategies to help these industries, and we've also tuned our processes to make it easy for these industries.

Workign with a specialized accounting firm is really helpful.  For example, when you work with a Tax Accountant near Pheonix Arizona, a CPA Tax Accountant Near San Francisco, CPA in Chicago Illinois or a Chicago Based Bookkeeper, you'll get someone that really knows your world!

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