Invest wisely as a business owner

Retirement & Wealth Planning

We'll help you build meaningful, tax efficient wealth.

Build Tax Efficient Wealth as a Business Owner

We don't just file taxes, we make sure you build wealth over time, scale your business & create a more scalable operation.

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Never Overpay in Tax and Build a More Scalable Business

Business Owner Retirement Planning

We'll guide you to make wise decisions around taxes, saving and selling your business in retirement.

Tax Planning for Wealth Building & Retirement

Besides providing accounting and bookkeeping for businesses, we also provide wealth planning for people in accumulation stages and even in retirement.

Accumulation & Wealth Building

As your income & returns shift, we'll dynamically adjust to reduce your taxes.

This can include using the right tax diversification, harvesting losses, 1031 exchanges in real estate, and utilizing the diverse retirement plans available to business owners.

When you're building wealth, you don't want mistakes that lead to tax consequences.  We help you mitigate your taxes each year, but also plan over your lifetime to ensure you pay tax once, and pay it in the lowest tax bracket possible.

Real Estate, Business Owners & Investors

If you have a diverse portfolio, we can help you not only avoid major tax consequences, but we can help you accomplish your goals.

Tax planning becomes incredibly fruitful for individuals that have portfolios that are diversified into businesses, real estate, and stocks.

We'll ensure that your accounting is on point, and that you're acting nimbly throughout each year to pro-actively manage your portfolio.

Retirement Planning

Additionally, we'll help you develop a retirement plan, and we'll do it from your own best interest.

Retirees need to have a budget and a plan so they can ensure they're able to accomplish their goals.

We'll help you develop a tax-wise retirement plan and we'll also serve as a true guide through the process, to help you have a complete understanding of what people might be recommending.

We'll pursue your best interest and provide totally unbiased guidance and advice.

Passageway Financial Tax & Accounting

Retiring BUsiness Owners Need Tax Wisdom

Selling a business or drawing income from your business in retirement are great options, but they can lead to major tax consequences, we'll help you be wise.

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Avoid Overpaying Taxes in Retirement

Many retirees end up paying too much in taxes throughout their life because they simply forget to account for them. We'll work with your investment advisors to shrewdly plan for taxes.

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Build Tax Efficient Wealth Along with a Scalable Business

If business owners aren't careful, they can end up missing out on real wealth-building opportunities while they're building their operations.

Along with our accounting and tax, we'll guide you to build wealth and plan for an exit strategy.

Retirement for business owners is entirely different than the typical retiree, and we'll help you consider taxes and your business in retirement.

You work too hard to make mistakes that lead to a bad retirement.


Retirement & Wealth Planning

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